Webinar as a Live Video [Free Chapter]

This is a free chapter from the recently published book Covid-Proof Virtual Trainer. When you say…

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4 Pragmatic Talent Sourcing Trends Not to Avoid in 2020 and 2021

We live in a complicated world and when someone says that a prediction is “AI”, that is simply too…

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GoodCall of Duty (2/2): 10 Findings We Learned Building the Largest Sourcing Center in CEE

This article is about practical aspects of building a sourcing powerhouse on the market with the…

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GoodCall of Duty (1/2): Inception (Bonus: Free Book)

The kicking off of GoodCall feels like yesterday for me but it has been already more than 5 years…

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35 Must-read Articles about AI and Automation in Recruitment

When I’m reading through the recruitment predictions for 2019 the usage of AI (artificial…

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The Complete List of Blacklisted LinkedIn Plugins VOL 2

LinkedIn (Microsoft) took the war against browser extension for real. Plugins which do some kind of…

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5-Step Transformation from Geek to Talent Sourcing Freak

The global sourcing community is obsessed with new technology and hacking. When you read agendas of…

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Video Sourcing

When you think of video use in recruitment you probably imagine some kind of career videos. But the…

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The Complete List of Prohibited LinkedIn Plugins

There was quite speculation recently over browser plugins (extensions) which are causing some…

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Radical LinkedIn Changes Silver Lining for Recruiters [updated]

LinkedIn is standard for most recruiters when it comes to talent sourcing. For a significant number…

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5 Ways How to Search LinkedIn by an Industry

Getting relevant candidates on LinkedIn might be very challenging especially when you are looking…

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