When I’m reading through the recruitment predictions for 2019 the usage of AI (artificial intelligence) in the recruitment process is still included in almost all of them. On the other hand when I communicate with recruitment specialists on a daily basis, they usually have no clue how they can utilize AI to their benefit. Realistically I know very few examples from our region where a company would use AI or some intelligent automation in the recruitment process beyond the suggestions in Google search.

On top of that there is a lot of vagueness amongst recruitment folks about what is actually the difference between artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), automation (a part of AI), predictive recruitment, neural networks, chatbots, etc.

It’s said that AI will drastically shape the future of our lives, business, and how people are being hired so we should probably know more about it.

So where to start?

I save a lot of articles, white papers, studies, videos and podcast episodes from Feedly into Pocket and read them later. So it’s my pleasure to bring you these 35 articles mostly on the topic of AI and automation in recruitment which should help you to dig deeper into this space.


Top 10 articles, studies and resources on AI recruitment and automation I recommend to start with:


Further 25 articles to deepen your knowledge and get the broader perspective:


Happy hunting!: )

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